Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spring City Endowment House

Located a block south from the Spring City Chapel, this house was constructed in 1876. It's been dubbed "endowment house" because of some Church records that list "O. Hyde's Office" in Spring City as a location where temple ordinances were performed. It's still unclear whether or not it was actually used for that purpose.

When I visited, it looked as though it was being used for storage. It really is a lovely building, though.


  1. This building was built as a relief society building and sold about a year later and was known as the Allred school. No one knows where the endowment house story came from. LDS church archives show a journal entry that Orson Hyde may have performed an endowment somewhere but there is no mention of exactly where. The LDS church does have journal evidence of marriages performed in his office however. There is no evidence he ever used the school building as his office. His stone house is across the street from the original church building and family journal entries mention him conducting church business there.

    The building in your photo is owned by Randall and Suzan Lake. They have owned it for over thirty years and Randall uses it as an artist studio not just as storage. They just did an exterior restoration that is very nice.

    1. Thanks for the information, Bonnie! It sounds like this building's use has been muddled a bit by folklore.

      I agree, the exterior restoration was very well done!