Sunday, September 7, 2014

Brigham City Third Ward: First Vision Stained Glass

 The most striking feature in the chapel is the detailed stained glass portrayal of the First Vision.

The window was featured on the cover of the February 2012 Ensign. The window was made in 1911-1912 by the Bennett Paint and Glass Company in Salt Lake City. Apparently, they transported the window from Salt Lake City to Brigham City in a truck that had no windshield--during the winter. One of the men later recalled that the journey nearly froze the glassmen.

Parts of the window came from the eastern U.S./Europe. Joyce Athay Janetski's thesis, "A History, Analysis, and Registry of Mormon Architectural Art Glass," notes:

"In a conversation with (Senator) Wallace F. Bennet, President of Bennett Paint and Glass, he said that Bennetts never had a kiln and so did not pain on glass. Any painted faces, hands, etc. incorporated into windows that Bennetts' art glass department executed were imported from either glass companies in the eastern United States or from those in Europe. Therefore the pained portion of the Brigham City 3rd Ward window (the Vision scene) must have been special-ordered by Bennetts for the window" (pg. 187).

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