Saturday, September 5, 2015

Preservation Update: Clarkston Tithing Granary, Eden Ward Chapel, and more

Note: Preservation Updates are a regularly occurring series of posts where I round up recent information on historic LDS buildings and their futures. Depending on the age of the post, there may be newer information available. Click here to see all Preservation Updates.

I'm putting up Sunday's post a day early! Tomorrow will be a busy day for me, so I figured I might as well put this up early. This is the first preservation update I've provided for a while, so let's take a look at the latest news and updates regarding Mormon architecture and art.


The Manti Tabernacle project should be nearly complete. The tabernacle was closed in April 2014 and most articles estimated that it would take 15 months. I won't be able to visit Manti for a couple of weeks, but I'll check up on it ASAP. Until then, you can see the progress they'd made up to August in my last update.


Clarkston, Utah is a beautiful rural community with a breathtaking chapel (that I've been meaning to visit), the grave site of Martin Harris, and a small tithing granary that is over 100 years old. Unfortunately, that granary is being threatened, as its land is up for sale. Preservationists wanted to move it onto city-owned land; however, this was considered unfeasible because (a) the city already doesn't own enough land, and (b) the city considers is a religious building, and doesn't want to create headaches for the future.

The Clarkston tithing office was already demolished in the late 1950s. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help move and preserve this building. You can read more about it here and here.


If you like running AND preservation, then the HEL's Half Pound, a half-marathon that winds through Huntsville, Eden, and Liberty, is for you. The race raises funds to help preserve the Eden Ward chapel, built in 1896, and now serving as a reception center.

(Source: Church History Library)

The race took place on August 29, but this will give you some time to train for next year! Read more here.


Finally, Scott Hasker's blog shows us the image of a beautiful mural in Price, Utah's city hall. Painted in 1938 by Lynn Fauset, it depicts the formal organization of LDS units in Price. While it's not LDS-owned, it has a strong local connection, and will continue to be preserved.

That wraps it up for the weekend. If you have questions or comments, contact me with the form provided on the right side of this blog (web version only).

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