Thursday, May 19, 2016

Highland Park Ward: Chapel Interior

This is the lobby at the main entrance. The main staircase leads up to the cultural hall (on the left) and the chapel (on the right); on either side of the staircase are stairs leading down the lower floor, which houses classrooms and offices

Here is the main cultural hall. On the south end (not pictured here) is what appears to be a projection booth.

The chapel has beautiful paintings! There is the main one behind the pulpit, and four more in each corner. I'll show larger pictures of these murals, too.

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  1. The rear of the cultural hall (south end) is indeed a projection booth from the old days of Ward movies. As far as I know, the projectors are still up in there as they were too difficult to remove during the renovation back in the early '90's. Also the large wood panel at the rear of the chapel raises up like a window with the help of large counterweights hidden in the wall. I assume it still works.