Thursday, August 11, 2016

Brigham City First Ward

The first ward has moved around a lot in Brigham City. It was originally located at 300 S and 100 E, and that chapel still stands. That one was built in the 1880s. By 1905, they needed more room, so a new chapel was constructed on the corner of 300 S and 200 E:

Even these were too small, so in 1924, they moved to a new building at the corner of 300 E and 100 S.

The older two buildings are still standing. The second is owned by a Presbyterian Church, and was used until 2010. Unfortunately, that church is actively seeking to raise funds to raze the building and construct a new building on the site. It's too bad, since it's still a beautiful building. Even so, the newest one is a beautiful building, and I'm glad it still stands.

You'll notice that the first picture was taken in the summer; the second one was in the winter. I had to visit this chapel a few times in order to be able to get inside. Those pictures will be shown in upcoming posts.


  1. Apparently, the 1905 meetinghouse (more recently a Presbyterian church) was recently razed.

    1. Brandon, that's discouraging to hear. I had read in a news article a couple of years ago that they were planning to raze it, but it sounded like it was a vague plan that was years off. That was a very important building for Brigham City and the LDS Church.