Thursday, March 16, 2017

Liberty (Idaho) Ward

Note: This post is one in a series that focuses on LDS architecture that is not historic, but that departs from standard cookie-cutter plans to become unique and beautiful in a different way. To see all of these posts, click here.

Liberty, Idaho is a small rural community located northwest of Bear Lake. It originally had a beautiful little chapel:

(Image Source: Church History Library)
 In 1958, this new chapel was built next door, and the original chapel was soon demolished.

(Image Source: Church History Library)
While modern, this chapel has some great characteristics. The most noticeable is the rounded front. This was not originally part of the building (see the photo above), but was likely added to expand the chapel. It houses the rostrum (choir seats and podium).

The chapel and cultural hall have a tall, pointed roof.

Also stunning is the building's cultural hall. It is taller than the rest of the building, and windows on either end provide some stunning views.

There aren't walls that divide the cultural hall from the hallways on either side; it is completely open. It's a unique, artistic little mid-century building.

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