Sunday, May 28, 2017

Weston Ward: Stained Glass Window

This is the window at the front of the chapel:

When this chapel was built, the Bishop had to meet with other Church representatives to explain why the chapel cost so much. One of the men told the Bishop that such a large, ornate chapel was not needed for a small town; the Bishop responded, "maybe we would like to attract some tourists."

It was also the Bishop's initiative the brought stained glass to this chapel; he had served in Europe and was used to seeing stained glass windows in buildings of worship. He was offered this window from Bennett Paint & Glass for about $600--a steep discount, because they said the window had imperfections. The Bishop said he was never able to find what was wrong with it, although some of the colors might be burned wrong.

At the top of the window are Alpha and Omega symbols; at the bottom are the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I'll provide details of these symbols, and some of the other windows in the building, in my next post.

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