Sunday, July 2, 2017

Thirty-third Ward (Salt Lake)

I actually haven't been able to do some digging to find out when this meetinghouse was built. The ward was organized around the turn of the century and some sources indicate that the meetinghouse was built in 1902. The building is on the east side of the city; around 1100 E and 500 S.

(Image Source: Church History Library)

Unsurprisingly, the building has had a few remodels, one of which included the removal of the arched window and doors at the building's front. They were replaced with one square door and stone carvings.

(Image Source: Church History Library)
I don't really like any changes to historic buildings (if I can help it), but the stone carvings are very well done.


  1. Nice chapel. Very similar to the 29th ward chapel. I would have to assume since the 29th ward chapel was built in 1902, then this gem had to have been built between 1902-1904. I just love the red brick.

    1. I agree; they were probably built around the same time, and derived from the same floor plans. It really is nice!