Monday, June 30, 2014

St. George Temple

The architecture of the St. George Temple, while less preserved than other temples (especially on the interior), is still beautiful to see. I was able to attend a session in the temple, and had some thoughts:

  • I strongly agree with the author of this blog in hoping that progression will be restored to this temple. I can see how there could be some difficulties, though--it was a very full session when I attended on a Tuesday morning. Since St. George is partly a retirement community, I guess people can attend at all hours. Switching to the progressive form again (where patrons move between the creation, garden, world, terrestrial, and celestial rooms) would mean that sessions could only start every hour, instead of every 40 minutes. Perhaps that's a big difference. 
  • My session was entirely in the world room, before moving to the terrestrial room (called the "veil room") and the celestial room. Only a small portion of the mural remains (about half of one wall). While the world room also has windows, since it's on the south side of the temple, the curtains are so thick that absolutely no light comes in. I assume that this is so that patrons can see the film, but I wish they could open the curtains during the portions of the ceremony that do not require the film. I know that the Oquirrh Mountain Temple has curtains that open and close automatically when the film starts or stops, so it's definitely possible.
  • I'm not entirely familiar with the floor plans of the temple, but it's too bad that the circular staircases inside the temple couldn't be utilized in some manner.
I still love the temple, but I hope that a future renovation can restore more of the pioneer architecture (as has been done with Laie Hawaii, and as I hope will also occur at Mesa and Logan).

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