Saturday, August 2, 2014

Preservation Update: Renovation of Blanding Tabernacle, Work on Alpine, Ogden Tabernacles

Note: Preservation Updates are a regularly occurring series of posts where I round up recent information on historic LDS buildings and their futures. Depending on the age of the post, there may be newer information available. Click here to see all Preservation Updates.

Renovation of Blanding Tabernacle

I recently came across an article talking about the renovation of the Blanding Tabernacle. It is also referred to as the Blanding South Chapel, the Grayson Tabernacle, and the San Juan Stake Tabernacle. It was dedicated in 1915. Here are some pictures (this is a little-known tabernacle, so it's hard to find good ones):

Original view of the Tabernacle, shortly after its dedication (Source: Church History Library)
Another view of the tabernacle (Image Source)

A more recent picture of the front (Source: Church History Library)

It is unfortunate that so much stained glass has been removed from the building as it originally was. A better picture of the current building can be found here.

Chapel, looking toward the rostrum  (Source: Church History Library)

Chapel, looking toward the back  (Source: Church History Library)

I like the cry room on the second story in the back. According to the article, the ceiling lost its rounded feature in its 1980 renovation. 

Close-up of the rostrum (Source: Church History Library)

While I'm glad the building is being preserved, it's unfortunate that the original plan to "[take] it back to its original state," including bringing back the domed ceiling in the chapel, was shelved. I do understand that it would probably cost a lot more. They did say there would be surprises, so I'll have to keep checking the news. I hope they restore the original paint job--apparently, the original apricot and turquoise tones were whitewashed in the remodel, too.

Work on Alpine Tabernacle

I've noticed that crews have been doing some work on the base of the Alpine Tabernacle. I haven't seen any news articles on the work, and no interior/major work is being done. It looks like they're mostly inspecting the red brick, so it's not too big of a project.

Changes to Ogden Tabernacle Completed

While hardly pioneer architecture (since it was dedicated in 1953), the Ogden Tabernacle holds the important distinction of being the Church's last tabernacle. I have never visited the tabernacle (I will do so at the open house this month), but was able to see the changes to the interior using Google:

Chapel Interior: Before (unable to post image due to copyright)

Chapel Interior: After (Image Source)

Exterior: Before (Image Source)

Exterior: After (Image Source, courtesy Jeff James)

Needless to say, preserving the original look of the tabernacle was not the Church's goal here. I don't mind the addition of the pipes. I did like the steeple, but I think it looks fine without it. It also looks like stained glass has been added to the front, instead of clear glass. I don't mind that, either.

In short, lots of work has been going on with tabernacles this summer!

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