Sunday, November 9, 2014

Provo Pioneer Ward

I have driven by this meetinghouse before, but didn't know much information about it. When I took this picture, I actually discovered a cornerstone (hidden by the largely overgrown bushes). It said the chapel was built in 1913.

(Image Source: History of Provo Utah East Stake)
The building's architecture has had major changes over time. It was a wonderful example of the Prairie style before a major remodeling (I'm guessing in the 1950s or 1960s) added a steeple and removed the original grand entrance.

Source: Church History Library

After poking around a bit, I actually discovered that the building wasn't completed until years later. It was dedicated May 22, 1919. It cost $17,000 to build. The reason it took so long was "adverse crop conditions" for two years and then WWI.

I like the windows and the look of the stone. Pictures of the interior are coming shortly.

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