Monday, December 22, 2014

"Not Pioneer" Posts Relabelled as "Modern Architecture"; Other Categories

The posts that were formally labelled "Not Pioneer" have now been renamed as "Modern Architecture." The previous "Not Pioneer" label was meant to reflect the original title of this blog, LDS Pioneer Architecture. I feel like a series titled "Modern Architecture" is much more intuitive.

These posts are occasional, and highlight architecture that is more recent (usually post-1950) that still has elements that I like. So far, I've covered buildings in Springville and Provo, but several more are on the way--I'm a little backlogged, but better that than running out of buildings to document!

I've also had a couple of posts that are labelled "Architecture Thoughts." I probably won't use this category very often, but it's when I notice some distinct LDS Architectural theme, motif, artist, etc., and want to focus on them specifically.

The other categories are "Preservation Updates" (where I post any news I can find about what's happening to historic LDS buildings) and "Preservation Thoughts" (where I post my thoughts and opinions about specific buildings or policies). I will continue to use these categories in the future.

Of course, those are all secondary to the main purpose of this blog--documenting historic buildings that I can find. Blog viewership has grown tremendously in the past few months. I hope that I am able to help people enjoy these historic buildings, which we can't always visit ourselves.

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