Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Logan Temple

Like many others who study Church architecture, I have mixed feelings about the Logan Temple. That is because of its drastic remodel that it underwent that has removed practically all of its original work.

Some of this evidence can be seen from the exterior. The annex doesn't fit the temple proper very well (or as well as the annexes in St. George, Manti, and Salt Lake). The top row of arched windows contains the assembly hall, but the lower level of windows is split between floors containing endowment rooms and sealing rooms. Many of these windows are blacked out (and might not even be real? I can't tell). See, for example, the window on the main floor of the central tower below.

In my next post I'll go over the original temple architecture, the reasons for the gutting of the building, and the possibilities of a future remodel.

The only parts of the temple that have really been untouched are the spiral staircases in the corner towers. I asked to see these, but because they are pretty inaccessible, the temple workers kindly explained that it wouldn't be possible. Still, you can catch glimpses of them from the windows.

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