Thursday, March 24, 2016

Liberty Ward: Stained Glass Details

This is the window on the south side of the chapel. It has a beehive and bundle of wheat.

On the north side is a similar window with a scroll and scriptures. Both windows have the alpha and omega symbols, as well as some crosses.

 The largest window, at the back, has a smaller inset of the First Vision. On both sides are beehives. These were actually originally crosses; in the 1950s, the Bishop asked J. Fred Brown, a ward member, to replace the crosses ('Catholic emblems') with Mormon ones. So Brown and his wife replaced the crosses with two beehives; one above a Sego Lily flower, and the other above a wild rose.

The First Vision is beautiful, despite its smaller size. It has the exact same figures as the stained glass depiction that was found in the Adams Ward (now in the Church History Museum; see at bottom). The Adams Ward was built in 1913--five years later--but I believe that these copies were ordered at the same time. Either that, or the Adams Ward bought a replica of this depiction, albeit bigger.

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