Sunday, December 11, 2016

Stratford Ward: Stained Glass Details

There are some beautiful stained glass panels above the main entrance. These are not original to the building; they are not there in earlier photos. I talked with some members of the ward and they say it was added in the past 20 years or so.


  1. These windows look just like the ones I remember in the Millcreek Ward, demolished in 2002. The only photo I can find of them is in your other post:

    1. Grant--you're right; they look almost identical, from what I can see. My previous information indicated a different address, but I'm now inclined to think that this stained glass is also from the Millcreek Ward. 2 panels are over the entrance, and 3 are behind the baptismal font. I will see if I can confirm this information!

    2. There were five of these windows in the Millcreek Ward chapel. My sister thinks there were more, but demolition photos ( show two visible windows on the west side. A third was covered by an addition. The east side only had two windows, because of the exterior door near the stand. (Some of those photos are reversed right to left.)