Thursday, December 8, 2016

Stratford Ward

(Image Source: Church History Library)  

The building has some resemblance to the Fairview North Ward and Cedar City First Ward chapels in its floor plan: A chapel in the middle, the cultural hall off to the left, and a bishop's office connected to the chapel.

A gate now stop people from entering in through the chapel door (and where the Bishop's office used to be).


  1. In Idaho Falls on 13th street. There is an old LDS Church that has been sold and resold a few times. It is currently being renovated into some other purpose.

    1. If it's the church that has the Tudor style similar to the Stratford ward chapel, I know which one you are talking about. Neat building.

    2. I believe you are referring to the chapel referenced in this article:

      Last I'd heard, it was going to become a reception center of some type, but that was a while ago. Not sure what it'll become now.