Thursday, January 26, 2017

Twenty-ninth Ward (Salt Lake)

Construction started on the 29th ward chapel in 1902. It was a beautiful structure, located in the Fairpark Community west of the city.

(Image Source: Church History Library)

The building is still standing, but it's in very poor condition. It was sold in the early 1980s and served in a few different capacities for a while, but it is now abandoned. Local councils have met to discuss the possibility of rezoning the area, so that that chapel could be remodeled to hold residences or even businesses, but nothing has been finalized yet.

The chapel's interior was lovely, and a beautiful example of what LDS architecture could achieve. Three stained glass windows were installed at the front of the building, donated by the ward's bishop. (We'll take a closer look at those windows in a future post.) The chapel itself had a small gallery overlooking the main seating area. In its early years, cherubs were painted on the ceiling, giving this chapel its own version of a traditional fresco. 

(Image Source: Church History Library)
(Image Source)
Of course, the interior is now in far worse condition. The windows, paintings, and furniture are all gone. In fact, when I visited the building, you could hear mice inside of it.

I hope this building will be preserved in some fashion; it is once one of the Church's most beautiful chapels.


  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought this chapel was added to the register of historical sights list last year. I really hope someone will restore this gem. It was fun seeing this church throughout my childhood.

    1. Kelly, you're right; it was added to the Register a couple of years ago: