Sunday, May 5, 2019

Santa Monica (CA) Ward: Mural Detail

I wish I knew more about the history of this mural at the back of the chapel. It was painted by Joseph Gibby, who also painted the murals in the Los Angeles Temple Baptistry and a few other temples. Joseph was not in California until 1926, so it was very likely added after the building's dedication.

Pioneers enter the Salt Lake Valley on the left side. You can see Native Americans in the valley below. A pioneer couple on the right side gaze on the Salt Lake Temple (or a vision of it) above them. To the right, you can see normal buildings of the city (including the capitol building).


  1. Joseph Gibby is the original artist. It was touched up and slightly modified at a later time.

  2. This was my great grandpa Joe! So happy to see his work! Didn’t know he did the SM Ward too. I was lucky to have him until I was 14. He was extraordinary and I miss him everyday. Seeing his work is like a piece of him, still being here.

  3. My grandfather was the bishop of this ward for 13 years! As a child I remember this mural. So glad that it still remains as a reminder of our pioneer heritage!