Thursday, October 23, 2014

Change in Blog Title; Format

This blog has somewhat evolved from what I'd first imagined when I started it. In order to reflect its content better, I have changed the title from "LDS Pioneer Architecture" to "Historic LDS Architecture & Preservation" (quite a mouthful). I will continue to post as I have been, which include four different groups:

  • Pictures of historic architecture that I've been able to visit
  • "Not Pioneer": pictures of architecture that is recent but still worth posting
  • "Preservation Update": updates on news of the preservation, changing, or razing of important LDS architecture and other related preservation issues with temples, tabernacles, chapels, and the like
  • "Preservation Thoughts": shameless opinions and justifications on future preservation in the LDS Church.
 Thanks for your support and patience as I update this blog continually. I only wish I could visit more places sooner. If anyone wants to participate in this blog by sending me photos of unique LDS architecture near you, I would be happy to post them on here. Just leave me a comment.

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