Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Preservation Update: Alpine Tabernacle celebrates 100 years

Note: Preservation Updates are a regularly occurring series of posts where I round up recent information on historic LDS buildings and their futures. Depending on the age of the post, there may be newer information available. Click here to see all Preservation Updates.

The Daily Herald has an article on the centennial of the Alpine Tabernacle. There will be tours of the tabernacle on October 11, and a special fireside with Julie B. Beck on October 12. The article also provides a history on the changes to the building, including the recent exterior work that has been done with the sandstone.

I visited the Alpine Tabernacle and took several photographs of the interior a month ago. I will take a break from the other posts I have waiting to focus on the Alpine Tabernacle. Here's hoping to another 100 years for this building.

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