Sunday, February 22, 2015

Murray 1st Ward: Interior Stained Glass

Just a few blocks down from the original Murray First Ward Building is the new chapel that was built in the 1960s. The stained glass was transferred to that building.

Besides the major stained glass at the front of the chapel, there is also glass on many of the doors. These also came from the original building. These are the doors to the chapel:

But I was very surprised when I entered the chapel itself:

I was under the impression that the stained glass would be visible at the front of the chapel, but it's not. There's no way to see the stained glass from the inside. This is a real shame, because the window is really beautiful. In the words of Joyce Janetski, "[The] large pipe organ, though impressive, has cost the ward more than money; the members have sacrificed a great percentage of their inheritance...where much is given, surprisingly little is really expected; this congregation seems to have gone to great lengths to hide the beauty of the old Murray Ward's stained glass" (A History, Analysis, and Registry of Mormon Architectural Art Glass in Utah).

I have since been able to visit the chapel at night, when the window is lit from behind. Those pictures will be posted shortly.

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