Sunday, February 1, 2015

Provo First Ward

The Provo First Ward may be 162 years old, but the building they meet in was built in 1930 (and not even dedicated until 1939).
(Source: Church History Library)

The building's main plan is a hexagonal foyer from which protrude the chapel (the wing on the left), the cultural hall (on the right), and other hallways containing classrooms. Interior pictures will be coming in future posts.


  1. I just discovered that this chapel is a twin (though not identical) to a chapel in Raymond Alberta Canada. The local architect behind the Raymond Chapel, F. B. Rolfson, used the plans (by Pope & Burton) for the Provo chapel as a starting point. They share the same y shaped footprint. The rotunda/foyer shares many similarities (shape, placement of stairs, Star of David roof detail). The building is Raymond was sold to the town in the 1980s. It was renovated into a community centre/Town hall. The old chapel is a theatre and the old gym is a library. the old classrooms serve as offices for the town. It is preserved as a provincial historic resource. If you are interested, you can see some historic and current photos of the building as well as newspaper clippings form the construction at this link: Raymond Second Ward Chapel

    1. That's a goldmine of information! Thanks for sharing!