Sunday, February 8, 2015

Provo First Ward: Chapel Interior

I found this photo of the dedication of the First Ward Chapel in 1939 by Heber J. Grant, as well as what the chapel looked like originally:

(Source: BYU Archives)

(Source: BYU Archives) 

Here's what it looks like currently:

As you can tell, the organ was added later. Unfortunately, as with the lobby, the walls and ceiling have lost most of their decorative details.

I'm a fan of the balcony, tiny as it is. It's also not easily accessible if someone were to, say, pass the sacrament up there. They would have to exit the chapel, cross the lobby, go up the curved staircase, go back toward the second floor of the lobby, and enter the balcony--all for four pews of people.

I am glad that most of the carvings remain on the walls.

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