Sunday, June 28, 2015

Coalville Stake Center: Interior

 In case it wasn't clear from the pictures of the exterior, the original Coalville Tabernacle was incredibly detailed on the inside:

(Image Source: Church History Library)

These pictures are of the second floor of the tabernacle. Originally, the chapel was two stories tall; in the 1940s, they cut the chapel down to one floor and built a recreation hall above it. The paintings on the ceiling are of prophets--from Joseph Smith to Lorenzo Snow.

 (Image Source: Church History Library)

The current chapel, while less ornate, contains the three large stained glass windows. Two flank the sides of the pulpit and allow natural light to shine in; the other is behind the pulpit, but does not go to the exterior. The church generally avoids putting light behind the pulpit, as it can distract (or blind) viewers from seeing the speaker.

The paintings of the prophets were also taken from the original tabernacle and placed in the new chapel.

I'll provide some close-up views of the stained glass and pictures in my next post.

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