Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Provo Third Ward: Stained Glass Details

When I first came into the chapel, the lights were off, providing a beautiful view of the stained glass. I couldn't help but take lots of pictures.

Of course, the window at the front is the one that used to fill the main window of the old chapel.

Looking through the main window, you can see a small closet where they keep some items, including some extra stained glass that I guess they don't have anywhere else to put. It's really too bad that such historic stained glass is collecting dust in a closet...I can't complain, seeing as they've used most of it.

The only other stained glass windows in the chapel is above the door, and one window by the sacrament table:

 The organ is also magnificent:

There are some other pipes hiding back there.

A small plaque on the organ reads, "Presented by the Meservy Family, in memory of Edwards Southwick Meservy; installed February 20, 1953." So this organ was also moved over from the old chapel.

And the rest of the stained glass windows are on the rooms lining the west and north sides of the meetinghouse. These are mostly bishop's and clerk's offices. One classroom, the mother's room, and the relief society room have the rest.

These windows are all so beautiful. I'm so glad to see them used to continue to uplift latter-day saints who meet here.


  1. What is the street address of this chapel? Edward Meservy is my ancestor, and I would like to visit, but I looked up Provo 3rd ward and just saw a standard model building.

    1. Mike, it depends which chapel you're talking about. The original chapel still stands at 100 W 500 N in Provo, but it was sold in the 1980s and the stained glass was moved to the chapel at 700 W 400 N. It is a modern chapel, but the stained glass was installed in the chapel and classrooms along the west and north sides.