Thursday, October 8, 2015

Provo Third Ward

The Provo Third Ward chapel is one of my favorites. It was built from 1901-1903, and vacated by the Church in 1979. Currently, it houses the Discovery Academy.

The large window in the picture above, and the smaller ones in the picture before that, used to have stained glass. Where did the glass go? I'll get into that in a later post.


  1. The third ward building is one of my favorites, too, and holds a special place in my heart for two very different reasons. 1: I loved going to the Ivy Tower dance club in the 90s, and 2: I was stopped at the light next to it, admiring the tower like I did on my way to work every day, the morning of September 11, 2001 when the news first came across the radio.

    1. It really is a wonderful building, and it's too bad that everyone agrees on that and still it bounced around between owners for a while. I'm glad the Discovery Academy is using it, but it does show some signs of wear and tear that I don't think have been addressed in a long while.