Thursday, January 7, 2016

Clarkston Ward: Interior

The bottom floor contains the classrooms and other facilities for the building; the chapel itself is on the second floor.

You'll notice that it's a very uncommon architectural arrangement. The chapel is basically square, with the pulpit located in one corner. All of the pews curve in a large semi-circle toward the pulpit. On the north wall is an alcove for the choir seats.

A large balcony spans the south and east walls of the room, accessible by staircases on either corner.

It's almost impossible to see the pulpit if you're not in the first few rows of the balcony. It's a little odd.

I really like this chapel for how unique it is and I appreciate that its layout has been preserved so well. For how unique this chapel is, it's almost unknown in most architectural circles. The only LDS building I can think of with a similar layout is the Wellsville Tabernacle or the Montpelier Tabernacle. I wish the stained glass could be replaced, but that's the only major change I'd make.

I thought this room might have been the former prayer circle room for the Clarkston area, until that practice was discontinued. The windows here would have been stained glass, as well. However, a reader with some experience with this chapel let me know that this room was the former cry room. It shares a wall with the chapel that used to be glass. The chapel's prayer circle room is located up another flight of stairs.

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