Thursday, January 14, 2016

Heber Second Ward: Stained Glass Details

As mentioned in my previous posts, the large stained glass window is original to the building. It is breathtaking:

(Image Provided by St. Lawrence Catholic Church)
The windows on the east and west were made after the Catholic Church had purchased the building.

(Image Source)
The cross in the middle of the large window is not original; it was added when the Church was purchased. The original centerpiece depicted the sego lily, but when the building was sold, this centerpiece was removed and given to Heber City. It now hangs in a room in city hall (the old tabernacle).

(Image Provided by the City of Heber)
I'm glad that the window has been preserved well by the St. Lawrence congregation, and that the original center piece was also saved. This window is among the most stunning produced by the LDS Church.

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