Sunday, April 17, 2016

Architecture Highlights: Tracking Torleif Knaphus (Part 2)

Note: The "Architecture Highlights" series focuses on some aspect of LDS architecture that can be found across many chapels. To see all of the posts in this category, click here.

The last post in this series examined Torleif Knaphus' copies of "The Woman at the Well." This post looks at other carvings he's done that hang in LDS chapels.

Many of his carvings are copies of the ones located at the Hill Cumorah monument. Three of the sides of the monument have different carvings--one of Joseph receiving the plates from Moroni, one of the Three Witnesses, and one of the Eight Witnesses.

(Image Source)

The Springville Fourth Ward chapel has copies of each of these in color.

 Meanwhile, the Belvedere Ward has one carving with each of these images side by side. They are much smaller than the others.

The Yale Ward has its own copy of Joseph receiving the plates, too. I know of a couple of other chapels that have this carving as well.

One unique one is located in the Sugarhouse Ward--one of the wards that Torleif Knaphus himself attended. It shows three scenes: the Hill Cumorah on the left, the Susquehanna River at the right, and the First Vision in the center.

Another unique one is in the Whittier Ward: a carving that shows the First Vision, and even has a light built into it:

These are all beautiful bas-reliefs that really add to the spirit of the chapels where they are located.

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