Sunday, April 10, 2016

Twenty-first Ward: Stained Glass Detail

 I posted about the Twenty-first Ward ages ago. At that time I was able to document the chapel interior, but because classes were going, I couldn't visit some of the other stained glass in the building. Three classrooms on the south side--the Relief Society room, Primary room, and another classroom--each have a stained glass panel from the original building. Here's the Relief Society room:

 An identical panel is found in the other classroom. The Primary room has the stained glass panel that used to be at the front of the old chapel.

You'll notice it's backward: that's because it's meant to face outward.

Of course, we can always flip it...

...or we can just look at it from the outside, like we're supposed to.

These windows have some interesting history. They really had a better relationship to the original building; while this chapel was custom-built to house them, they just don't have the same effect as before. With that being said, I'm glad they're housed here, and they do still have a good relationship with the architecture.

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