Thursday, April 2, 2015

Seventeenth Ward: Interior

The stained glass depiction of the First Vision in this chapel is stunning.

I have since visited this chapel again and got better photos of the window, which will come in another post.

The only other notable feature of this building was this painting in the lobby: 

Something tells me this isn't in the standard list of approved Church artwork. I'm curious about the history of this painting.


  1. I am curious about the history of the painting too. A portrait of David O. McKay standing in front of a younger portrait of David O. McKay. It looks like the style of Alvin Gittins, but it may have been painted by one of his students. Very good likeness in both portraits! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I'm trying to find what connection David O. McKay had to the ward--still no success in finding it, but I'll keep digging.

    2. I'm a member of the Salt Lake 17th ward and I recently heard that David O. McKay took a personal interest in the construction of the building in the mid- '60s, which is why his portrait hangs in the south foyer.

    3. Interesting, Anonymous! That would be a very interesting story. I'll have to read the 17th ward history again to see if there's information on that. Thanks!